The full form of DM is the District magistrate. DM has all administrative power to control antisocial or social events. To get complete information about DM, go ahead, and complete this article.

What is the full form of DM: What does district magistrate stand for?

Full form of DM: District magistrate is an IAS ( Indian Administration Service) selected by the state government.

full form of dm

Full form of DM?

Full form of DM is District magistrate It is an IAS officer who works at the district level, it is the Chief Administrative Officer of any district. A district magistrate also has to see the land revenue department of the district.

Hence this post is also called a Collector by the Revenue Department.
Works under a Collected Departmental Commissioner and Divisional Commissioner
In this, an SDM (Deputy District Officer) who works at the tehsil level is also the District Collector of the Land Revenue Department.

Full form of TRP ( Telivison)

As there are about four to five tehsils in 1 district. A Deputy District Magistrate(SDM Sub-divisional magistrate) is working in each tehsil. All these are reported to the District Officer.

DM full form in police ( District magistrate ) Overview of responsibility. 

The full form of DM is District Magistrate in the police. the Full form of DM is all Deputy Commissioner/Collector

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The responsibilities allocated to a district magistrate differ from state to state, but generally, district collectors are allocated several types of duties within the jurisdiction of the district, which usually includes the following: A district officer has the right to legally decide the entire district.

full form of dm

The executive operates the magistrate’s criminal court. What  is the full form of IPS
Maintenance of law and order.
The full form of DM is Police coordination.
Subordinate Executive Magistrates’ observation and religious grounds.
Hearing of cases under the Preventive Section of the Criminal Procedure Code.
The appearance of jails and walking of buds.
Inspection of police jails, jails, and juvenile homes in the district.
Authorizing the order of parole to prisoners.

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The history of  DM (District Magistrate)

District administration in India is a legacy British government. District magistrate ( collectors) were the members of Indian civil Service (currently known as Indian Administrative Service) with charges of all administration issues in a district.

Warren Hastings started the district collector’s office in 1772. From 1871–1874, Sir George Campbell, the Lieutenant-Governor of Bengal, intended “not to hand over the heads and druggers of many districts, but in fact. General control authority over all departments in each district.

During the British Raj a collector’s office held many responsibilities – as a collector, he was head of the revenue organization, charged with registration, change, and division of holdings; settlement of disputes;

Management of debtor estates; Loans to farmers, and famine relief. As District Magistrate, he supervised the inferior courts and directed police work in particular.

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Until the later part of the nineteenth century, no natives were eligible to become district collectors. But with the introduction of open competitive examinations for the Indian Civil Service, the office was opened to the natives.

Anandaram Barua, a famed Sanskrit scholar, and sixth Indian and first Assamese Indian Civil Service officer became the third Indian to be appointed a District Magistrate, the first two being Romesh Chandra Dutt and Shripati Babaji Thakur respectively.

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After India gained independence in 1947, it remained a unit of district administration. The district collector’s role remained largely unchanged except for the separation of most judicial powers from the judicial officers of the district.

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Overdue, with the promotion of the National Extension Services and Community Development Program by the Nehru Government in 1952, the District Collector was charged with the additional responsibility of implementing the Government of India’s growth events in the district.

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What is the responsibility of a DM (Full form of DM District magistrate)

 The responsibility generally involving the following:

As a DM(District magistrate)  Position

  1. Maintenance of law and order.
  2. Police coordination.
  3. Supervision and Magisterial Inquiry of Subordinate Executive Magistrates.
  4. Hearing of cases under the Preventive Section of the Criminal Procedure Code.
  5. Supervision of prisons and certification of execution of capital sentences.
  6. Inspection of police stations, jails, and juvenile homes in the district.
  7. The executive operates the magistrate’s criminal court.
  8. Authorizing prisoners to order parole
  9. Licensing of arms and ammunition under the Arms Act.
  10. Prepares a panel of names for appointment of public prosecutors and additional public prosecutors in consultation with the Sessions Judge in the district.
  11. Disaster management during natural disasters such as floods, famines, or epidemics.
  12. Crisis management during riots or external aggression.
  13. Child labor / bonded labor matters.

As a Deputy Commissioner / District Commissioner Position

  1. Report to Divisional Commissioner on all matters.
  2. Coordination with various local bodies, departments, and agencies for proper administration.

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As a Collector Position

  1. Operates Revenue Court.
  2. Intermediary of land acquisition, its valuation, and collection of land revenue.
  3. Collection of income tax dues, excise duty, irrigation dues and arrears thereof.
  4. Registration of property documents, sale deeds, power of lawyers, defense, share certificates, etc.
  5. Issue of various types of statutory certificates including SC / ST, OBC and EWC, domicile, nationality, marriage, etc.
  6. Relief and Rehabilitation.
  7. Withdrawal and Custodian of Overseas Property
  8. Inspected various district offices, sub-divisions, and tehsils.


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