Hey,  If you are here to find full form of Ok, you must in the right place. In this article, we will tell you OK full form and 10 Unknown facts about OK.

Friend, You use at least 10 to 15 OK words in a day. Every time you do not get the question that we are saying OK, what is its full form? When someone speaks to you for some work, then you say OK to him.

The word OK is often used even when a conversation between two people is on WhatsApp
Today’s in this article, We shall tell you the full Form of OK &Where does it originate from?

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Full form of OK?

All correct is the full form of OK. Because it is a pronunciation best match with all correct. That. is the mean reason, the full Form of Ok is All correct.

OK stands for Olla Kalla or Oll Korrect

OK ( known as variations include OK Okay and O.K.) is the USA English word denoting agreement, approval, acceptance, assents acknowledgment or sing of indifference ok is frequently used as a long word in the other language.

full form of OK

And objective OK principal means accepted & adequate.
OK is the world’s most college-sounding word, many online survey companies have mentioned that OK has become the world’s most used words spoken after the word hello.

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It is also known as Oll Kalla.

Where does it originate from?

Experts believe that the history of OK is almost 180 years old. Understand otherwise the word OK originated in the 19th century from funny in the country of America, people believe that OK origin was due to wrong pronunciation but the origin of the word OK was as a joke.

In the world in the 19th century, it was a custom to use any word as an addiction. People liked to say capital letters in fewer words.

The term OK was first used jokingly in 1839 in Charles Gordon Greene’s office. He then used this term in the Boston Morning Post on 23 March 1839 in an article related to All Correct.


There is a lot of websites that have told someone very distorted. But if we talk about it, the meaning of ‘OK’ is coming out and that is all correct.

How to use OK for good conversation.

Using the word OK can finish your very long conversion in 2 seconds. If you are discussing a pick from someone to someone and the issue should come to the victory of two sides. There, OK will work as an English medicine, then it will be relaxed as soon as you give it.

We have to accept anything. If a person is saying something to you, then it is up to you whether you want to pursue it or end it there. Do you want to be finished by not talking, then you say okay nothing happened before that. It will mean that you have accepted it.

Today, the man wants to live completely free. Whether in the case of talking to someone or eating and drinking. Wants the easiest things. That means some hard work had to be done. We give an example of this in this article,

This article is viewed by about 3 – 4 thousand people every day. But very few people read N articles. Let’s see the full form of OK and skip the article. Today people do more watching YouTube videos than they read.


The learning point of this article is…

1.First-time use of ok in 1839
2. Ok was used as a joke
3.OK has become the number one word in the world.
4. The use of the word Ok was made public through a magazine in 1939
5. The word OK started being used to make things easier
6. Speaking a long sentence is better than speaking ok
7. Olla Kalaa is another form of OK
8. OK was written instead of Okay
9.OK words are considered very disciplinarily
10. Since Facebook Whatsapp has started conversions on social media, OK usage has increased 70 times.

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