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What is the full form of IPS? Role of an IPS officer

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IPS Full form

The IPS Indian police service is one of three AIS ( ALL INDIA SERVICE) as foretold in the constitution of India.
IPS was formed in 1905. At that time it was known as the Indian Imperial Police.



After India’s independence, it was renamed as IPS in 1948.
The IPS are controlled by the Ministry of affairs, Government of India.

Whose responsibility is given to the home minister of India, today it is being controlled by the current home minister Amit Shah?

The duties of an IPS officer is to control Law enforcement, crime investigation, security intelligence (internal & external), and public order.


This selection process of IPS officer by civil service examination.
The Head of all India service (cabinet secretary) is Rajiv Gauba.

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Indian police service rank in Indian services.

Full form of IPS is Indian police service
It is 3 along with the Indian Administrative Service and the Indian Forest Service is one of the all-India services that can be employed by both the central government and individual states.

The service of IPS is envisaged to provide eyes to state police forces and Union Territories and Union Territory Police forces such as BASF SSB CISF ITBP and Central Police Organizations IPS officers have played a key role in the organization and subsequent development of the Central Health Police forces.

The Supreme Court has clarified in its order that CAPFs does not affect the rights of IPS officers in relation to NEFU.

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Full form of IPS officer

The Indian Police Service Officer, appointed by UPSC, is the number three service in the large civil service in India. An officer works at the Tehsil block and district level.

IPS belongs to Union Ministry of Home Affairs like IAS.
The roles of the officer are to control Law enforcement, crime investigation, security intelligence (internal & external), and public order.

Ajit Doval is also an IPS officer who is today an advisor on security matters in the central Government.

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Full form of IAS and IPS.

The full form of IAS is Indian administrative service which is the largest and highest civil service of the Government of India. An IAS officer also selected by UPSC ( Union Public service Commission).

IPS full form we have covered in the above paragraph
IAS ( Indian administrative service) is the administrative arm of the all Indian services.

The role of an IAS

The Indian Administrative Service Officer, appointed by UPSC, is the number one service in the large civil service in India. An IAS officer works at the tehsil block and district level.

The responsibility of A IAS officer is the Minister of personnel, public grievances, and pensions.IAS belongs to the Prime Minister of India.


IAS was formed in 1958, at that time it was known as ICS Indian Civil Service. From 26 January 1950, it was registered under the name of the Indian Admission Service.
Head of the civil Service Rajiv Gauba ( A IAS officer).

What is the full form of DGP? DGP police full form?

The Director-General of police is a three 🌟 rank and highest-ranking police officer of Indian’s states and union territory.

DGP is an IPS officer in India Which is the head of the police post of any state. It is also called state police chief. Which is a cabinet selection post in India?

Know about everything about career.

These are equivalent to number two Indian civil service, IFS ( India forest service) of civil service of India.
By the way, in a state, there are many more officers equal to the post of DGP.

As director of vigilance anti-corruption bureau director-general of prisons., Director general of fire force and civil defense. Criminal investigation department police housing society also equal to DGP.

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UPSC ( Union Public Service Commission)

Union Public Service Commission is an Indian primary center recruiting agency. It selects Group A and B employees of the All India Service by conducting a civil service-related examination in India.
All IAS, IPC officers being selected by UPSC ( Union Public Service Commission).

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UPSC( UNION PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION) take the exam every year at the center level.
Headquarter of UPSC is located in New Delhi. It is also founded like IAS IPS, UPSC founded by the parliament of the United Kingdom on 1 October 1926.
Aravind Saxena is the chairman of UPSC (2020).



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Pros and cons of an I. P. S Officer

As we all know, many honest officers do not do their work properly due to politics, which has been given to them according to the constitution. Sometimes they also hear the wrong words of politicians.

 IPS officer is number 3 in India’s largest service, which is very proud of the officer


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