The full form of TRP is Television Rating Point.  With the help of a television rating point, we get to know the popularity of a particular Television program or a TV broadcasting channel.

It is used to calculate which program or channel is viewed most on a particular period of time such as day, week, or month.

Explanation of TRP?

This is the index of the people’s choice regarding their Favorite television program or channel.
A higher TRP is the result of higher viewers so the broadcasting network can display the more number of advertisements during favorite programs of viewers.


Like you see the advertisement of any product on any channel. How much the product owner pays, this channel will disguise. But this does not happen for every channel,

some channels accept the offer given by the owner.

As we have said, it is directly related to the number(people’s). How many numbers are watching a channel in a particular time?

On the other hand, TRP data is helpful in scheduling the timing of shows, on a particular channel.

How is TRP calculated and Who calculates it?

In order to calculate the TRP of a Tv program or a channel, a device is attached to the TV set up in a few thousands of customers or viewers’ houses for the purpose of judging their choices on the screen.

In the Indian subcontinent, the TRP of the broadcasting network is earlier calculated by DART i.e. Doordarshan Audience Research Team, because at that time the only available channel was the Doordarshan network.

Tools Used to calculate TRP?

In the present time, the agency name INTAM that is Indian Television Audience Measurement is calculating the TRP ( Television rating point).

For the calculation of TRP, the outside of television needs the two figures which are all about the Targeted Audience over the network.

Method of TRP calculation.

The first one is the “total impressions delivered to this audience” and it’s used as Numerator,
And the second one is the “total number of Targeted Audience” used as Denominator.

And then the result is multiplied by 100.

Let’s take an example of as per the general scenario,

A particular show or a channel has
( 100,000 impressions among the target audience/ 1,000,000 total people in the Targeted  Audience) × 100 = 10 TRP,s

The targeted audience may vary as per the program or timing of broadcasting such a program.

TV programs are shown keeping a close watch on Indian culture. As you all know, on the first Sunday, most movies were shown on the rest of the day, and such small programs were shown.

Explanation of Method to Calculate TRP?

This means that on Sunday, a large number had gathered and watched the movie due to the holiday.
The same thing is seen in today’s time also.

Have you ever seen and heard that devotional music is being shown in the afternoon.
It is the same reason that we all have time for everything. And we try to do that work at the same time.

Top 4 TRP TV channels of this week.

1. DD National

2.Sony Sab

3. DD Bharti

4. Star plus

These four television channels are showing such programs whose TRPs are coming very high according to the need of today.

In today’s time, channels like DD National or DD Bharati get high TRP because of Mahabharata and Ramayana.

What is the full form of BARC?

Broadcasting Audience Research Council. This is promoted by three industry association, to develop a reliable television audience measurement system for India.

BARC is an organization that controls the broadcasting of Indian television. Today, BARC has data of about 197 million homes in India.

What_is_the_full_form_of_BARC 1

The data of all small and big channels of India is given by BARC only.
Today, BARC has more than 470 channels subscribed.

For more details of BARC, Please download the PDF of BARC


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